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Sarah Oglethorpe

Sarah brings extensive senior management experience in sales, all aspects of marketing and operations. She has gained this from a long corporate career in organisations such as AVIS UK, Asda Walmart, Alpha Retail, IKEA and Habitat, as well as running a successful business consultancy helping small and medium enterprises achieve their aspirations.

Sarah is a mum of two teenagers with a passion for physical and mental wellbeing.

She joined The Happy Confident Company because she believes that early intervention with creative solutions to prevent mental health issues in children later in life is key. She passionately believes that every child deserves to thrive and be the best version of themselves.  Her beliefs and The Happy Confident Company’s resources that equip children with strategies and tools to do just that are a perfect combination.

Sarah loves all aspects of selling but particularly enjoys partnering with schools, charities , independent and corporate businesses to really help make a difference.

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