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The Happy Confident Me Super Journal & FEEELTIT! Bundle GiftThe Happy Confident Me Super Journal & FEEELTIT! Bundle Gift

Gift Bundle: Super Journal & FEELIT

“Together, these products are incredible. My son loves working through his journal every day, his moods are better and thanks to the cards, he’s getting much better at talking to us.”

Christopher Jones

This bundle is a great gift for any child aged 7-13, and gives them everything they need to start their journey to a life of increased happiness and confidence.

Thanks to the Super Journal, children will:

  • Create positive daily habits in only 10 weeks of 5 minute a day journaling
  • Discover daily quotes, answer simple questions, and track their feelings
  • Learn 10 key life lessons including self-understanding, perseverance, resilience, and growth mindset
  • Put your skills to practice with weekly activities and family activities

The FEELIT! card game provides hours of family fun, with no two games ever being the same. Put your acting and miming skills to the test as you try to get opponents to guess the feeling. Cards can also be used to:

  • Open up conversations about feelings
  • Take stock of unpleasant feelings to understand them better
  • Help children understand and identify their feelings
  • Increase emotional vocabulary
  • Better understand how behaviours are linked to feelings


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Super Journal

Format: Hardback, 164pages, full colour daily journal

Skills: Ten essential life skills included, each week themed to a new skill

Activities: A themed activity and themed family activity to start every week fully engaged with the theme

Other: Plenty of space to write notes, doodle and draw with free pages included each week.


Format: 50 feelings cards, 2 explanation cards and 4 instructions cards all inside a glossy tuck box. Made using playing card paper and with rounded edges to ensure durability.

The science bit: All feelings are split across four color-coded categories, grouping them by high or low energy, pleasant or unpleasant feelings.




Q: What age is this journal suitable for?

Our Super Journal is suitable for children from the age of 7-13. For the older children it can be used independently, by the younger ones, together with an adult.

Q: When is it best for my child to use their journal?

Using the journal at the end of the day has greatest benefit as it allows the child to reflect on the past day, while still fresh in their mind, and go to sleep having focused on the positives. It’s a perfect tool for bedtime wind down.

Q: My child doesn’t like writing much, will they bother?

We’ve designed our journals specifically to work for kids of any type. They can answer the daily questions in brief, or add notes in the free pages. If they like drawing, there’s plenty of space there too!

Q: Why are there only 6 journaling days a week?

Each week, your child will be introduced to a new theme. The ideal is to spend a night reading about the theme, and then the next day complete the activities for that theme. This will help your child better understand the theme, and also get the whole family involved and having fun together. The next 6 days are then spent recording the week, based on the themed questions.

Q: Which day of the week should my child start?

While every family is different, we recommend that the journalling days are Monday to Saturday. On the Saturday night, there is then time to read about the next week’s theme, and the activities can be done on the Sunday.

Q: What next?

Once your child has completed their journal, our yellow Happy Confident Me Journal is a great way to continue with your journaling. With new activities each week, new questions, and new daily quotes, it’s all the journaling without the skills (because your child should have learned their skills by this point).


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