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FEELIT! & FEELIT! Junior Feelings Card Game Gift BundleFEELIT! & FEELIT! Junior Feelings Card Game Gift Bundle

Gift Bundle: FEELIT! + FEELIT Junior

The FEELIT! card game provides hours of family fun, with no two games ever being the same. Put your acting and miming skills to the test as you try to get opponents to guess the feeling. Cards can also be used to:

  • Open up conversations about feelings
  • Take stock of unpleasant feelings to understand them better
  • Help children understand and identify their feelings
  • Increase emotional vocabulary
  • Better understand how behaviours are linked to feelings

FEELIT! Junior is a print-at-home download you’ll receive as soon as your order is processed. With 16 cut out cards featuring the Happy Confident Bee in a different mood, players are encouraged to guess the feelings. Designed to be used in conjunction with the corresponding feelings cards from pack of FEELIT! Adds a new dimension suitable for all the family but loved by even the littlest of players.


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Have you ever stopped to think about how many emotions and feelings you can have in just one day? Now imagine you’re a child. You’d have just as many – if not more – feelings, but often not have the words to describe them. This little pack of cards goes a long way to helping kids identify and also understand their feelings. With 50 feelings each hand designed illustrated, and definitions created by parents, teachers, therapists and kids, FEELIT! will help your children find the language to describe how they feel.

Not only will this help them master their feelings, but also

  • Better understand the differences between feeling
  • Better recognising and articulating them
  • Learn that feelings are just temporary states and that these can be shifted from unpleasant to pleasant ones.


Format: 50 feelings cards, 2 explanation cards and 4 instructions cards all inside a glossy tuck box. Made using playing card paper and with rounded edges to ensure durability.

The science bit: All feelings are split across four color-coded categories, grouping them by high or low energy, pleasant or unpleasant feelings.

FEELIT! Junior

Format: Downloadable link containing a pdf that can be printed at home. 16 different cards can be cut out and made as an activity, and then used in conjunction with the FEELIT! cards to add another dimension to the game, or give younger kids another way to play.

The science bit: All feelings are split across four color-coded categories, grouping them by high or low energy, pleasant or unpleasant feelings.




Q: What are the benefits of using FEELIT! cards?

Research shows that if you can identify and name your feelings, it helps you process them better, and feel calmer through understanding the causes.

Q: My child has issues with emotional regulation. Will this help?

Absolutely. The more practice children get using these cards and being able to name and identify their emotions, the faster they can begin to recover from uncomfortable feelings. Take a look at our blog that delves into this area in more detail

Q: Who is this game suitable for

The game is suitable for the whole family, and can be easily adapted to suit all player ages and levels of understanding. Within the pack is a subset of 16 cards suitable for smaller children who may become overwhelmed by choice.

Q: I only received the FEELIT pack in the post. Where is my FEELIT! Junior?

FEELIT! Junior is a download and would have been emailed to you for download. Please check your receipt for information.




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