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Raising Happy Confident Kids

Raise your child’s self-esteem & help them to become confident & resilient adults. The latest addition to the 7 books written by founder Nadim Saad, “Raising Happy Confident Kids” draws on the latest research in child psychology, neuroscience and the growth mindset to equip you with effective tools to develop your children’s happiness and confidence. Head to Amazon to order now.

Hundreds of 5* Reviews

"I think this book is excellent. It succinctly describes methods to maximise our children's confidence and resilience, and does so with eloquence. I particularly like the author's examples of descriptive praise and the way they encourage honesty in our interactions with our children."

Raising Confident Kids Review: Adam S

"I found this book straight to the point , with great tips and with a clear message. I highly recommend to all parents to take the time to read this book"

Raising Confident Kids Review: Ray Noppe

"So much content in one single small book! An amazing mix between positive discipline, leadership tools and neuroscience psychology. This book is about enjoying our parenting journey even when it feels we don't spend enough time with our children. Not only does Nadim give us practical tools to become happier and better parents, but he also helps us actually implement those tools with a step by step programme."

Working Parents Guide Review: Discipline of Joy (Blog)


As a renowned author, parenting expert and coach, Nadim works with major companies to deliver talks around the challenges of parenting that many families face today. Drawing from scientific research, and using real-world examples, he marries specific company cultures to these challenges helping organisations offer their employees highly motivating and rewarding sessions to that help strengthen the bonds within their families. Covering topics such as growth mindset, building resilience, how to manage feelings, and how to help enable and empower their kids. Check out the video of one of his great talks at Google’s London HQ. If you think your company would be interested in hosting a similar event, please do get in touch with us.

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