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Happy Confident Me TV is a transformational programme developed with the help of therapists, parents, children and schools, and it is presented by celebrity Emma Willis. In 10 episodes, and in less than 10 minutes per episode, Emma guides children through psychology-based techniques to promote emotional self-regulation, happiness and resilience.


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Happy Confident Me TV is delivered by Emma Willis together with primary and secondary school children and a crazy professor for a 10-week journey inside the brain. Children will learn a new life skill each week through 8 minute programmes which include examples and testimonials from children, some awesome facts, and all the neuroscience kids need to help them to help themselves.

The 10 programmes should ideally be used in conjunction with the Daily Super Journal, or the Life Skills Journal, as this helps children have a daily practice to learn how to apply these skills to their daily lives and to create the neural pathways that will make these tools second nature.

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By the end of this course your child will...


Be happier and more confident

The course is designed to help children identify their unhelpful thoughts and unpleasant feelings and shift these to more positive thoughts and feelings, helping children become happier and more confident.



As your child will learn how their brain works and will start feeling more in control of their lives, they are likely to feel less anxious and sleep better. The reduction in anxiety and better sleep is greatly increase if children fill their Daily Super Journal at the same time. as they do this course.  


Be more likely to take on new tasks and challenges

Your child will learn how putting effort into something helps them become better at it and develop a growth mindset. And they will learn that mistakes are important that successful people have failed more on average. It teaches them that taking on challenges  increases their changes of success.


better regulate his/her feelings

Every episode helps children identify and name their feelings, and shows how this can help them better regulate them. If gives strategies such as BFF (Breath, Focus and Feel) to help children learn how to regulate their feelings and express them better.



By learning how their brain works, how to better deal with difficult emotions and challenges, as well as the importance of kindness and empathy and the Mirror Neurons that naturally give us empathy, your child will better connect with themselves and be kinder to themselves and to others.


Become more resilient

The ultimate objective of HCMtv is to give children a toolbox that will help them believe that whatever challenge comes their way, they can accept it and they have a toolbox at their disposal to deal with it and get on the other side of it with more wisdom and more resilience.

Discover the 10 key life skills/powers

“Who knew that using a daily journal could be so fun, I’m definitely happier and more confident."
Mr. Person

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is designed for children, but it is very useful for parents to view it with their child! You are likely to learn a lot of things that you might not already know such as Interoception, Neuroplasticity, Mirror Neurons, and many more useful things!

Please read section above “By the end of this course my child will…”

Absolutely, we guarantee that we will fully refund you the money if your child and yourself are not happy with the content of the course. You have 30 days from purchase to let us know if you’d like a refund.

Explore the Science

Breast Cancer and Parenting

A few months ago, Happy Confident Company Creative and Strategy Director, Jo Chadwick, joined 100 people on a 100km trek across the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path

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The Community

The Happy Confident Movement is a growing group of over 50K parents, children, teachers, experts, schools, groups, and organisations who all share the same vision. A world where every child knows loves and accepts themself fully. Their strengths are for sharing, and their weaknesses a series of challenges to rise to with optimism. We’d love you to join us.

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