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Happy Confident Me Super Journal

Daily journal for kids aged 7-12 proven to develop growth mindset and resilience and increase productivity, happiness and confidence.


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Learn valuable lessons, not taught at school

Developed by psychotherapists and parenting experts, in consultation with kids, our Super Journal instills life-changing, positive daily habits

  • Better equipping children emotionally for the future
  • Teaching 10 key life skills not taught at school such as self-awareness, positive thinking, growth mindset and resilience
  • Providing practical use for these skills through daily journaling and themed weekly activities
  • Building greater connections between parent and child
  • Scientifically proven to increase kids’ happiness and confidence

*Pay it forward. We donate journals to children in need with every journal bought. Read more

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  • SELF-AWARENESS: How to be comfortable, confident and able to help themselves when stuck or upset.
  • MANAGING FEELINGS: How to rest with feelings, good or bad, able to understand and value the lessons they are learning about themselves. And feel capable of helping themselves regulate and feel better.
  • POSITIVE THINKING: That helpful positive thoughts create good feelings and enable them to make better choices, be more empowered and in charge of their own thinking, and ultimately be happier and more successful in life
  • GROWTH MINDSET: That with practice they can do the things that they want, that there is no such word as 'can't' and that with self belief they can achieve.
  • MAKING MISTAKES: Those who see failure as a step towards success will succeed, and appreciate and grow from the learnings along the way.
  • RESILIENCE: That each time they bounce back, they are stronger, carrying with them the knowledge from the past attempts and a new target to beat. That it's worth coming back, and trying harder, or faster, or better as you will have greater pride and sense of self in the end.
  • BOOSTING CONFIDENCE: That they can build their own confidence, by looking at the positives in what they do, and appreciating themselves and their actions, accepting that the little steps to get there, are all achievable.
  • MINDFULNESS: That when you can look after your mind, you can be more in control of yourself, and help yourself to feel OK whenever you need self help.
  • KINDNESS & EMPATHY: When you are kind it is contagious. Not only do you feel good, but the person you are showing appreciation towards will also feel good.
  • SELF-ACCEPTANCE: You are enough, you are unique, and you are you, and every self-doubt is just another challenge that you can rise to, because you are powerful, and because you believe. Don't stop believing in the power of you.
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"Who knew expressing yourself could be so much fun!"

Maddies Magical Life

Hundreds of 5-Star Reviews

  • Instills positive daily habits and actions that are proven to increase happiness and confidence
  • Bright, friendly, packed with colourful illustrations and fun to use
  • Simply introduces complex themes and puts them into action
  • Helps children identify the many emotions that are felt daily, ending the day on a positive note
  • Inspires children through daily quotes provoking research and discovery of authentic and popular life stories
  • Plenty of space to write, doodle and draw, suitable for all sizes of handwriting
  • Designed without gender-bias, using a character that all children can identify with
  • Reinforces the practice of daily gratitude and seeking out even the smallest moments to be thankful for
  • Helps children develop a growth mindset, increased optimism, to be kinder and understand empathy
  • Encourages weekly family themed activities to bring the unit together and strengthen emotional bonds
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Buy Feelit! And Save

Together, with a Super Journal, our FEELIT! emotions cards provide invaluable and immeasurable support to kids aged 6-12. This is an ideal complement to our journals as it helps children better identify and understand the different feelings they have each day and be able to journal about them. This sparks important conversations with parents and teaches children how to better manage their emotions.

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This month we are proudly partnering Together for Short Lives.

There are 99,000 children in the UK living with life-threatening illnesses and UK children’s hospices are seriouslly underfunded. In fact, they are pushed to the limit.

For 2 weeks we will be donating £5 for every Super Journal sold on our website to TFSL. So please, help us to help them increase their fundraising.

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