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Developed by psychotherapists and parenting experts, in consultation with kids to instill life-changing, positive daily habits in just 5 minutes a day.

  • Teaches 10 key life skills such as growth mindset, resilience, and mindfulness
  • Daily questions and inspiring quotes designed to help kids reflect positively on their day and their feelings.
  • Weekly themed activities to help children deepen their learning including a family activity.
  • Better equips children emotionally for the future and allows more sharing and connection between parent and child.
  • Scientifically proven to increase children’s happiness and confidence
  • *Pay it forward. We donate journals to children in need with every journal bought. Read more

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Identify emotions, show gratitude and reflect daily in less that 5 mins!
Full colour design and simple to follow instructions
Feature themes each week guide kids through 10 key life skills
Helping kids develop a growth mindset
Activities designed to enable children to practice the new topic
Educational, informative and entertaining
Complex theories explained for kids in a clear, concise and fun way

10 Life Lessons

  • Self Understanding
  • Increasing Resiliance
  • Feelings and Emotions
  • Self Confidence
  • Positivity
  • Mindfulness & Reflection
  • Growth Mindset
  • Kindness & Empathy
  • Coping with Setbacks
  • Self Appreciation

Designed for Kids aged 7-12

When children write down their thoughts and feelings it helps with so much. Journaling is brilliant for problem-solving. Instead of getting stuck in their problems, they learn to better take charge of their emotions, feeling stronger, and calmer. Our Happy Confident Me Journals aim to promote increased happiness and self-confidence among the kids that use them. That’s why we also donate a copy for every copy sold.


"Who knew expressing yourself could be so much fun!"

Maddies Magical Life

"My daughter is loving it! Beautifully presented, colourful, engaging and thought-provoking even for adults. It's more than a journal where you write your thoughts.....it’s confidence boosting and a refreshing approach to mindfulness and self-awareness. Love it..."

Kay G - Mother to 9 year old daughter

"I love the Happy Confident Me Super Journal because it asks you great questions and gives you cool statements by famous people"

Leah, aged 10

"Well thought out and incredibly well researched. While I used it for my 9 year old, many of exercises and the overall message could be used for the whole family. It’s been very beneficial to a child who struggles with confidence. A real gem. Thank you!"

"Mum of Two"

"I can’t tell you how much they love it! They write in it every night and the things they write are amazing to read back. The book is so well done, it guides them, to consider their thoughts and emotions and write about them."

Jospeh I - Father of two

"I used to think I was bad at maths, now I know I just haven't got there yet".

Tommy, aged 8

"My son seems to find it much easier to express his feelings on paper than to volunteer them verbally. We're on day five and it's a revelation and I hope as we continue that this will give him greater confidence and reassurance in expressing himself."

Ashley P - Father of son aged 9

"I love that it's got super cute drawings and you can write down your feelings and let them all out"

Ariana, age 9

Two Journals to choose from

 Super Journal
10 weeks of daily journaling pages
Unique daily questions
Full colour & illustrated
Weekly activity
Teaches 10 key life skills
Questions relating to weekly theme
Weekly family activity
Worry box pages
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Why parents love it

  • Instills positive daily habits and actions that are proven to increase happiness and confidence
  • Bright, friendly, packed with colourful illustrations and fun to use
  • Simply introduces complex themes and puts them into action
  • Helps children identify the many emotions that are felt daily, ending the day on a positive note
  • Inspires children through daily quotes provoking research and discovery of authentic and popular life stories
  • Plenty of space to write, doodle and draw, suitable for all sizes of handwriting
  • Designed without gender-bias, using a character that all children can identify with
  • Reinforces the practice of daily gratitude and seeking out even the smallest moments to be thankful for
  • Helps children develop a growth mindset, increased optimism, to be kinder and understand empathy
  • Encourages weekly family themed activities to bring the unit together and strengthen emotional bonds

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