Our daily journal increases kids' happiness and confidence

Daily journaling has been scientifically proven to increase happiness and confidence in all children. Using the Happy Confident Me Journal for only 5 minutes each night, your child will:

  • Positively reflect on their emotions and feelings
  • Practice gratitude on a daily basis driving greater optimism and contentment
  • Know and understand themselves better, enjoying increased emotional awareness
  • Become happier and more confident kids.

*We proudly donate a journal for every journal bought on our website, to help children in care and from disadvantaged families. Read more in our blog.

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Increased happiness thanks to daily journaling

Spending just a few minutes each evening before bed on daily journaling will help 7-12 year olds reflect on each day, assess and understands their emotions, practice gratitude and consider the aswers to simple questions designed to make them understand themselves better and feel happier and more confident.


"I like that I can write in it every night... so you don't have to go to sleep holding it all inside"

Lucy, aged 8.

"George and Molly are loving using their journals on a daily basis and it's helping with any stress and anxiety during such a fractious time."

Kelly and Zooey - Our Transitional Life Blog

"It’s really helping my daughter express her feelings and showing her that although we are in isolation she has a lot to be thankful for and is doing lots of things that make her happy!"

Lisa Privett - Mother of daughter

"My boys (aged 8 and 10) have loved this so far. It's been great to use in 'lockdown' as it's helping them look for and identify the positives in each day, and think about everything they are grateful for however little."

JG - Parent to boys aged 8 and 10

"The books are really good as they help people who find it hard to talk about feelings, talk about them."

Jack, year 6

Two Journals to choose from

 Super Journal
10 weeks of daily journaling pages
Unique daily questions
Full colour & illustrated
Weekly activity
Teaches 10 key life skills
Questions relating to weekly theme
Weekly family activity
Worry box pages
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Why Parents Love It

  • Daily gratitude journaling is scientifically proven to make kids more happy and confident
  • Colourful, fun and engaging with new questions every day
  • Space to write, doodle and draw
  • Fun weekly activities designed to help children and parents develop stronger bonds and unite as a team
  • A way for kids to open up and lead conversations about their feelings
  • Forms positive daily habits that have lifelong benefit

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