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Happy Confident Me Journal

Daily journal for 6-12s that encourages communication about feelings, develops positive daily habits, and increases happiness and confidence.

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Scientifically proven to increase happiness and confidence

Kids using the Happy Confident Me Journal for only 5 minutes each night, build a greater connection with their families and peers and will become happier and more confident through

  • Daily journaling and weekly activities to instil positive and life-changing habits

  • Better understanding, acknowledging and dealing with their emotions and feelings

  • Knowing and understanding themselves and those around them better

*Pay it forward. We donate journals to children in need with every journal bought. Read more

Why Parents Love it

  • Daily gratitude journaling is scientifically proven to make kids more happy and confident
  • Colourful, fun and engaging with new questions every day
  • Space to write, doodle and draw
  • Fun weekly activities designed to help children and parents develop stronger bonds and unite as a team
  • A way for kids to open up and lead conversations about their feelings
  • Forms positive daily habits that have lifelong benefit
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Three Journals to choose from

Why Having a Growth Mindset Matters

For over ten years now, since psychologist Carole Dweck carried out her pioneering research looking at how children are affected differently by praise, the term Growth Mindset has been taking hold in parenting circles. And for a good reason too… when we are born, we have a 100% growth mindset, which we need to help us learn to chew, to eat, to get up when we fall – and of course to believe we can be or become anything. But that mindset soon changes, and by the age of 10, we only have 20% of it left, with 80% being fixed. So what is the difference between the two, and what can we learn to help us live happier, more confident lives?

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