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Happy Confident Me Ebook

Learn the ten most important life lessons not taught at school including growth mindset, resilience, perseverance and self appreciation. Suitable for ages 7+

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Learn valuable lessons not taught in school

Unlocks the 10 most critical life skills written specifically for children enabling them to learn, understand, and practice:

  • Self-knowledge – Understanding Feelings – Positive Thinking – Growth Mindset – Making Mistakes – Bouncing Back – Boosting Confidence – Mindfulness – Kindness & Empathy – Self Acceptance

Provides practical use for these skills through engaging activities and worksheets

Is the perfect accompaniment to our daily Journal which includes daily gratitude journaling, inspiring quotes, and more activities.

Give your child the gift of emotional intelligence, resilience and self esteem today.

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Why having a growth mindset matters

For over ten years now, since psychologist Carole Dweck carried out her pioneering research looking at how children are affected differently by praise, the term Growth Mindset has been taking hold in parenting circles. And for a good reason too… when we are born, we have a 100% growth mindset, which we need to help us learn to chew, to eat, to get up when we fall – and of course to believe we can be or become anything. But that mindset soon changes, and by the age of 10, circa 50% of children end up having a fixed mindset. So what is the difference between the two, and what can we learn to help us live happier, more confident lives?

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