Happy Confident Me Life Skills Journal – 2nd edition

Increase self-awareness and acceptance, build resilience and a growth mindset, and reduce anxieties in tweens and teens.


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Children will develop deeper self-awareness, self-belief and better appreciate their uniqueness.


Children will develop greater optimism by learning the skill of reframing; turning negative thoughts into positive ones. 


They will learn to identify, understand and articulate their thoughts and feelings and learn how to let go of anxiety, fear or anger.


They will learn about neuroplasticity, that brains are flexible, and that they shouldn’t ‘box’ or limit themselves, but can follow their dreams.


To learn from their mistakes, develop perseverance and face any challenge that comes their way with confidence


By developing a deeper understanding of people, they will discover increased levels of empathy, kindness and gratitude to those around them.


The Happy Confident Me Life Skills Journal is an activity book ideal for children aged 10-13. It’s the perfect tool to help tweens in their transition to secondary school, and for young teens to prepare emotionally for the challenges that adolescence can bring! It has been used by hundreds of children in schools in the past year and is loved by teachers and pupils alike. 

Absolutely. However, we do offer preferable pricing for schools, so please do get in touch with the team via schools@happyconfident.com 

This book is designed for children, but takes things to the next level when parents work through it with child! You will together learn the science behind our behaviours and feelings, and find that working on activities together you will strengthen your bonds, learn more about each other, and develop far greater empathy.

Each chapter introduces a new life skill, or power. The book should be completed in order of the chapters as each skill builds on the one before. 

There are 6 activities for each power. And when the chapter is completed, there is a fun round-up activity to complete before moving on!

We’ve deliberately created impactful designs and lots of different styles of activity to keep things fun and light.

However, if you’re finding it hard to get your child to show any interest, you can help them, by increasing their curiosity.

Start with asking them questions such as:

  • Would you like to know how your brain works?
  • Would you like to know how to like yourself more and be liked by your friends?
  • Would you like to have some great tools to help you be more successful in school and in life?
  • Would you like to learn ways to help yourself when you’re feeling tricky feelings?

Your child will learn some amazing new character skills through our Life Skills Activity Book. If they’re interested in daily journaling, The Happy Confident Me Daily Super Journal explains the same 10 character skills and includes daily journaling pages with questions that follow the same progression through the powers. HCMtv is also a great next step,  and they could revisit their powers through doing our 10-episode course, delivered by Emma Willis, a crazy professor and a team of kids from primary to sixth form age.

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