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Happy Confident Me Daily Journal – 3rd edition

Ideal daily journal, suitable from age 6, that increases happiness & confidence and reduces anxiety & fear. With just 5 minutes simple, structured journaling a day, kids will learn to identify their feelings, reflect on the positives, and will enjoy better sleep.

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Scientifically proven to increase happiness and confidence

Kids using the Happy Confident Me Journal for only 5 minutes each night, build a greater connection with their families and peers and will become happier and more confident through

Daily journaling and weekly activities to instil positive and life-changing habits

Better understanding, acknowledging and dealing with their emotions and feelings

Knowing and understanding themselves and those around them better

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Why Parents Love us

  • Daily gratitude journaling is scientifically proven to make kids more happy and confident
  • Colourful, fun and engaging with new questions every day
  • Space to write, doodle and draw
  • Fun weekly activities designed to help children and parents develop stronger bonds and unite as a team
  • A way for kids to open up and lead conversations about their feelings
  • Forms positive daily habits that have lifelong benefit
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Thousands of 5-star Reviews

"This book is the best book I have ever had because it taught me that it's ok to write down my feelings it's also has some awesome activities along the way."

— Selina S

"Fabulous journal. My 7 year old daughter uses this every night. Exactly what she needs right now. We do it together once a week and it gives a scaffold for talking about emotions"

— Amy O

"Bought for our 5 year old who has become quite anxious after covid. Now she is a lot more at ease with herself and is enjoying filling in the book with her daddy. She is talking about her day. It's definitely helping."

— Sophie C

"I bought this journal for my 8 year old daughter who needed a positive confidence boost. This has been fabulous. We’ve now bought a second one for my 10 year old son."

— Anna S

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