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Happy Confident Me Journals

The Happy Confident Me Journals have been designed specifically to help kids aged 7-12 achieve greater levels of happiness and build their self-confidence.

Happy Confident Journal

Super Journal

10 key life skills + themed daily journaling to increase happiness and confidence £14.99 Learn More
Happy Confident Journal

Life Skills

10 key life skills in ebook format to increase happiness and confidence £9.99 Learn More
Happy Confident Journal


Daily journaling and inspiring quotes to increase happiness and confidence £9.99 Learn More

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£9.99 More
£14.99 More

Why Parents love us

  • We focus on developing tools that strengthen the bonds in families
  • Everything we do promotes increased happiness and self confidence in children
  • We help children and families instil positive little daily habits that make an immeasurable difference to their lives
  • Our ten key life skills have been developed after decades of scientific research and years of working with families
  • We understand parenting and the issues parents face, and encourage solutions that work for the whole family
  • Our products all work together in harmony, enabling families to dip in, or delve deep
  • Our products are developed with children in mind - and we work with kids on their development
  • We have a varied offering, from games, to downloads, parenting books to journals and expert advice along the way

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