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The Happy Confident Me range of journals have been created to help children aged 6-15 develop the social and emotional skills needed to help them become the best versions of themselves, and to be better prepared to deal with the challenges of today’s times.

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Life Skills Journal

Enjoy 60 fun and engaging activities and become a master of the 10 life skills with this unique journal developed by Dr Linda Papadopoulos and Nadim Saad.

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Daily Journal

With only 5 minutes of daily journaling across 10 weeks, children will become more positive, happier and more confident.

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Super Journal

Across 10 weeks of daily journaling, children will have a great introduction to the 10 life skills, developing a growth mindset, increased resilience, and improved confidence.

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Why Parents Love us

We focus on developing tools that strengthen the bonds in families

We understand parenting and the issues parents face, and encourage solutions that work for the whole family

We help children and families instil positive little daily habits that make an immeasurable difference to their lives

Our products are developed with children in mind - and we work with kids on their development

Our ten key life skills have been developed after decades of scientific research and years of working with families

Everything we do promotes increased happiness and self confidence in children

For Educators & Therapists

We want to create a future where children are resilient, have self-belief, are emotionally articulate, and understand and value themselves. We’ve developed a number of tools for use in group, class and therapy sessions.

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