The Happy Confident Me Journals have been designed specifically to help kids aged 7-12 achieve greater levels of happiness and build their self-confidence.

With glorious colour illustration, inspiring daily quotes, lots of space to write, doodle and draw, each day they simply answer a few daily questions to help them assess and reflect on their emotions and feelings of the day and go to bed feeling settled and content.

The Super Journal introduces ten key life lessons including developing a growth mindset, better managing feelings and mindfulness, as well as weekly family activities to help kids understand, learn, practice and apply the skill to everyday life.


"My 9 year old daughter who has always been difficult and reserved when discussing her emotions has finally started also opening up! Highly recommended purchase!"

"The Journal has been a really good tool for helping Faith with her emotions and opening up discussions. With all that's going on in the world at the moment, this journal couldn't have come at a better time."

"Mum on a mission for a better life" blog

"George and Molly are loving using their journals on a daily basis and it's helping with any stress and anxiety during such a fractious time."

Kelly and Zoey - mums of two

"Easy to read and simple but gets the point across and makes it very easy for any child to read and understand the concept. I love the fact my son is pulling his feelings to the front of his brain to work out how he has felt throughout the day."

Claire Rocks, blogger and mum of 5!

"This book is very well thought out and incredibly well researched. While I used it for my 9 year old, many of exercises and the overall message could be used for the whole family. It’s been very beneficial to a child who struggles with confidence. A real gem. Thank you!"

SJ, mum of girls aged 7 and 9.

"The book is beautifully presented... colourful and engaging and to be honest thought provoking even for adults. This is more than just a journal where you write your thoughts.....it’s confidence boosting and overall a refreshing approach to encourage mindfulness and self awareness. Love it."

Kay G, mum of girls aged 9 and 11.


When children write down their thoughts and feelings it helps with so much. Journaling is brilliant for problem-solving. Instead of getting stuck in their problems, they learn to better take charge of their emotions, feeling stronger, and calmer. Our Happy Confident Me Journals aim to promote increased happiness and self-confidence among the kids that use them.

Identify emotions, show gratitude and reflect daily in less that 5 mins!
Clear and easy to follow instructions
Educational, informative and entertaining
Super Journal introduces 10 key themes - one a week
Activities each week for ten weeks

Two Journals to choose from

Check out the features of our first two daily journals. Both promote increased confidence and happiness, and the Super Journal offers incredible added value with the ten weeks divided into 10 key themes helping children learn essential life lessons.

 Super Journal
10 weeks of daily journaling pages
Unique daily questions
Full colour & illustrated
Weekly activity
Teaches 10 key life skills
Questions relating to weekly theme
Weekly family activity
Worry box pages

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