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Feelings Game for the Whole Family

FEELIT! Develop the key life skill of mastering your emotions by exploring the many feelings you have every day.

With just one pack of FEELIT! cards, your children can start learning the life skill of mastering their emotions by:

  • Better understanding the meaning of different feelings
  • Better recognising and articulating specific feelings at any given time
  • Learning that feelings are just temporary states, like energy passing through their body, and that they can shift these from uncomfortable feelings to more pleasant ones at will.

With 50 feelings included in this pack, and instructions for 4 different games to be played alone, as a family or in teams, you’ll find the whole family will quickly benefit from this pocket-sized game.

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Exploring and naming your feelings makes you feel happier and more confident.

Research shows that if you can identify and name your feelings, it helps you process them better, and feel calmer through understanding the causes.

There are huge benefits in being able to talk about feelings, not only in better understanding ourselves, but also being more able to seek help from friends and family. In today’s age, this skill is becoming increasingly important for our children. FEELIT! helps them on this journey.

The more we practice identifying our feelings and understanding them, and the faster we can recover from uncomfortable feelings, becoming happier and more confident.

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With four recommended games to play in every pack, you’ll quickly see how this little pack of cards, packs in a huge amount of eduplay.

NAME IT. Thinking about your feelings, find all the feelings cards that seem relevant in that moment. Then try and reduce down to three cards only.

If your feelings are unpleasant, build on the game and add SHIFT IT. Working through the cards, try and select the pleasant feelings you’d rather be feeling. Again reduce it down to three.

Want to have a good giggle and family play? Try ACT IT or GUESS IT, where you can give clues, mime, act, or even role play either in teams or as individuals.

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  • Science proves that by naming our feelings we better process them.
  • It helps children to realise that feelings are impermanent and that they have control over them, so they can shift their uncomfortable feelings
  • In any day, we all have lots of feelings, but sometimes only recall the unpleasant ones. This game helps children be aware of all of their feelings.
  • It allows children to express themselves about important things in their lives - both positive and negative!
  • It helps families have a common vocabulary of feelings and be able to communicate better.
  • Children learn better through play so it's much better to make it enjoyable and fun to explore the world of feelings!
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FEELIT! Junior - Print At Home

FEELIT! Junior is a print-at-home addition to the FEELIT! card game. With 16 Feeling Bee cards, the objective is to match the bee to the corresponding card from the FEELIT! pack. Focusing on the most 'common' feelings, it's been designed to help even younger children explore and discuss their feelings. Suitable for ages 4-99!

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Together, with FEELIT! our Super Journal provides invaluable and immeasurable daily support to kids aged 6-12. From being able to understand, identify and start regulating their feelings, to having a space to journal daily, designed to also teach them the 10 most essential life skills to lead a happier more confident life.

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Scientists group feelings into quadrants. We have taken the same approach when developing FEELIT!

Feelings are pleasant, or unpleasant, and within that high, or low energy. When we know this, we can begin to understand the behaviours driven by our feelings, and start to get to the root of problems, quicker.

For example, if a child is having a tantrum, this is high energy, so their feelings behind the tantrum, are equally high energy. Frustration, fear, anxiety, disgust and many others to choose between and name. It’s not solely anger. And when we, and they, understand this, we can better see if the energy can shifted to a postive energy, or needs to be calmed to a low energy emotion. Essentially, we are better equipped to help.

The area of emotions and feelings is not only interesting, but also extremely well-researched. Take a look at our white-paper to read more.

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— Karim A. Dad of 8-year-olds-->

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