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50 Affirmations Cards suitable for the whole family. Use daily to set positive intentions and start the day with an optimistic outlook. Increases self-belief & confidence and reduces fear & anxiety.

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Affirmations Cards

These cards are the perfect tool to develop positive thinking – a life skill, which has been scientifically proven to improve the levels of both happiness, and success. Using affirmations daily helps people of all ages to 

  • Set daily intentions, channeling positivity into the day ahead
  • Help increase self-belief and confidence 
  • Overcome negative thoughts that can sabotage their chances of success
  • Reduce stress, anxiety and fear

Each pack contains 50 beautifully designed cards, comprising 25 short ‘I am’ cards, and 25 longer intention-setting statements for the day. There are also user instructions and three suggested activities.

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How do Affirmations Work?

Did you know that scientists once thought the brain stopped developing in childhood?

However, modern-day research has proven that the brain CAN form new neural pathways and create neurons even in adulthood. We already know that eating well, and exercising can help release feel-good hormones, and the same applies to meditation and affirmations. By creating new rituals and routines – positive daily habits – we actually stimulate the production of new synapses. 

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Thousands of 5-star Reviews

"I love this product. It’s helping shift my son's focus to being more empowered and positive. We use the cards in different ways such as to open discussions, to set intentions for the day, to reflect on the day, to discuss situations at school and brainstorm different thoughts and attitudes that can help resolve them."

— Tomassina A

"Good selection of cards, fit in my purse so I can look at them throughout the da"

— Julie K

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