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Educational Games

It’s proven that children learn better through play, and our range of educational games, created by experts, parents and children are perfect for the whole family.

We know that children learn best from play. That’s why the tools we create are engaging, fun, and educational. Our range of games is easy to play, can be integrated into everyday family life, and can be used in multiple ways.

All of our tools, games, and activities have been developed on the back of extensive, grounded, and published scientific research. We’re proud to have therapists, teachers, parents, and kids fully involved in our product development.

FEELIT! Feelings Cards

Feelings Game for the Whole Family. 50 feelings cards and definitions and at least 4 different ways to use them.

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Daily Affirmations Cards

50 Affirmations Cards suitable for the whole family. Start the day on a positive...

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Conversations Cards

Our conversation starter and prompt cards cover 5 topic areas and make for a great game for the whole family.

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