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Happy Confident Me Online Courses

This family online course will help your children thrive emotionally and academically


  • Raise your children’s emotional intelligence, confidence and overall wellbeing.
  • Help children identify how their thoughts and mindset can impact their learning.
  • Learn key life skills: developing a growth mindset, bouncing back, resilience and learning from mistakes.
  • Specifically designed for parent and child participation: guides you and your child(ren) through videos and fun activities and life-changing discussions to learn essential life skills and tools together.
  • Distilled the very best findings, practices and proven techniques, to create an engaging, entertaining, informative and family life-changing course.
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Hundreds of 5* Reviews

“We read and discussed the material and watched the videos and I confirm the content is inspiring and I know all are little seeds that will grow and “explode” one day.”

Isabelle R - Mother of an 9 year old

"Marc has been noticeably more helpful at home this past week. The session on kindness really made an impression on him."

Laurence C - Mother of 11 year old boy

Aisling is really enjoying the sessions, has been talking loads about what you are doing and was explaining to me the relationship between emotions and memories! We did a family appreciation at the weekend which was fun and even gruff little brother opened up and had some really sweet contributions."

Noreen H. – Mother of 9 year old girl

“Alexander is benefitting greatly from these workshops. The necessary life skills that are not taught at school. I am also benefitting from it.”

Jasmine H - Mother of 11 year old boy

What to expect

Our Family Course is presented as a series of short ‘episodes’ that take around 15 to 20 minutes to complete. This structure allows children to stay engaged with the content and be able to schedule this in a busy family life.

The course has been specifically designed for parent and child participation. No jargon, no over-complex science-based research reports and lots of fun videos, activities and really important family discussions about how to apply the life skills in your daily lives.

We advise scheduling your course sessions at regular times so that the time is set aside. Between sessions, you will have time to practice the learnings in real-time, day to day and can discuss together the positive impact that the topic is having on the family and each of you as individuals.

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What you'll learn

Episode One Self understanding and evaluation.
Episode Two Neuroplasticity and why it's important
Episode Three How to develop your growth mindset
Episode Four Learning from mistakes and failures
Episode Five The importance of perseverance and resilience
Episode Six Creating your toolkit for a growth mindset life
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Why Families Love Our Courses

  • Focused and productive time with their kids that benefits the whole family
  • Learn life skills not taught at school, but valuable for life
  • Fun and engaging with 'live' activities in every episode
  • Short, punchy, jargon-free sessions for efficient and easy learning
  • Added value with worksheets that can be used over and over again
  • Our courses work. Course participants see a difference, quickly.
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Why having a growth mindset matters

For over ten years now, since psychologist Carole Dweck carried out her pioneering research looking at how children are affected differently by praise, the term Growth Mindset has been taking hold in parenting circles. And for a good reason too… when we are born, we have a 100% growth mindset, which we need to help us learn to chew, to eat, to get up when we fall – and of course to believe we can be or become anything. But that mindset soon changes, and by the age of 10, we only have 20% of it left, with 80% being fixed. So what is the difference between the two, and what can we learn to help us live happier, more confident lives?

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