Our Family Course has been specifically designed for parent and child participation. It guides you and your child(ren) through videos and fun activities and life-changing discussions to learn essential life skills and tools together.

We’ve distilled the very best findings, practices and proven techniques, to create an engaging, entertaining, informative and family life-changing course.

The course has been running via online webinars and in schools for a number of years, and the testimonials from participants speak for themselves.


“We read and discussed the material and watched the videos and I confirm the content is inspiring and I know all are little seeds that will grow and “explode” one day.”

Isabelle R - Mother of an 9 year old

"Marc has been noticeably more helpful at home this past week. The session on kindness really made an impression on him."

Laurence C - Mother of 11 year old boy

Aisling is really enjoying the sessions, has been talking loads about what you are doing and was explaining to me the relationship between emotions and memories! We did a family appreciation at the weekend which was fun and even gruff little brother opened up and had some really sweet contributions."

Noreen H. – Mother of 9 year old girl

“Alexander is benefitting greatly from these workshops. The necessary life skills that are not taught at school. I am also benefitting from it.”

Jasmine H - Mother of 11 year old boy

"We are really impressed by the response we have received from Benjamin and the platform that these exercises have brought us as a family."

Angela B – Mother of 10 year old boy

Course Modules

Our Family Course is across three modules, and each module has a series of short ‘episodes’ that take around 15 minutes to complete. This structure allows families to participate fully, adapting the frequency of joint learning to their specific needs.

The course has been specifically designed for parent and child participation. No jargon, no over-complex science-based research reports and lots of fun videos, activities and really important family discussions about how to apply the life skills in your daily lives.

We advise scheduling your course sessions at regular times so that the time is set aside. Between sessions, you will have time to practice the learnings in real-time, day to day and can discuss together the positive impact that the topic is having on the family and each of you as individuals.

Module One is ready to go, while Modules Two and Three are currently being adapted and will be uploaded in the coming weeks.



Overall objective

Help children identify how their thoughts and mindset can impact their learning. Provide the tools to switch from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, to enable them to become more resilient and successful.

Course Comprises

  • Understand the difference between fixed and growth mindset and
  • Identify areas of fixed mindset (ie. what children feel they are not good at)
  • Realise how mindset and resultant choices impact life
  • Embrace mistakes as opportunities for learning
  • Understand the importance of effort and persistence
  • Learn techniques/tools to switch from a fixed to a growth mindset
  • Develop new strategies to become more resilient and successful
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Overall objective

Enable children to feel good about themselves and teach them how they can become more resilient by learning to regulate their emotions.

Course Comprises

  • Develop self-awareness
  • Recognise emotions and feelings
  • Understand how thoughts and emotions impact actions and results
  • Learn techniques and adopt tools to regulate emotions
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Overall objective

Help children to develop mindfulness, reduce stress and optimise the learning capacity of the brain. In mastering this, we then focus on how we can raise their awareness of their impact on others.

Course Comprises

  • Understand the importance of the body/mind connection and how to maximise the efficiency of both
  • Develop mindful attention to reduce stress and increase learning
  • Learn breathing techniques to relieve anxiety and open the mind to learning
  • Develop skill for, and understanding of, the impact of greater kindness and gratitude
  • Gain a full toolkit to improve self-control and the ability to deal with difficult situations
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