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Everything you need to help kids of all ages to build their confidence and resilience, promoting better sleep by reducing their worries and anxieties. All of our products perfectly compliment each other, equipping children with the skills and tools to cope with the pressures they face, helping them be the best version of themselves.

Happy Confident Me Journals

Recommended for ages 6-8

Happy Confident Me Daily Journal

10 weeks of simple, structured, 5 minute a day journaling, to help children reflect positively on their day. Increases self-belief, reduces worries and anxiety and promotes better sleep. Over 100K sold worldwide.

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Recommended for ages 7-10

Happy Confident Me Daily Super Journal

Full colour daily structured journal that introduces 10 key life skills across 10 weeks. Includes 2 activities per week, and inspiring daily quotes. Increases self-belief, reduces worries and anxiety. and promotes better sleep.

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Recommended for tweens and teens

Happy Confident Me Life Skills Journal

Written with Dr Linda Papadopoulos, this activity journal helps older kids learn to be the best versions of themselves. With 60 activities across 10 life skills, it builds emotional intelligence, helping them to confidently face life's challenges.

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Happy Confident Me Cards

Explore feelings

FEELIT Feelings Card Game

FEELIT not only provides a family game but is a powerful tool to help kids to identify, understand, and articulate their feelings AND learn to manage them. Recommended by teachers and therapists.

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Spark Conversations

Happy Confident Me Conversations Cards

Have fun with friends, at home, or in school with the Happy Confident Me Conversations Cards. Perfect to get the kids to open up and get the conversation flowing. Loved by kids and parents alike.

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Set Daily Mantras

Happy Confident Me Affirmations Cards

Build increased optimism, happiness, self-belief, and confidence with the Happy Confident Me Affirmations Cards. With 25 short, and 25 long affirmations, used daily, they will increase positivity.

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Growth Mindset & Perseverance Course

6 X 15 MINUTE EPISODES: Learn key life skills: developing a growth mindset, bouncing back, resilience, and learning from mistakes. Guides your child(ren) through videos, fun activities, and life-changing discussions to learn essential life skills and tools. Distills the best findings, practices, and proven techniques, to create an engaging, entertaining, informative, and family life-changing course.



This growth mindset printable will explain the difference between having a fixed mindset and a growth mindset for kids. It will help them to understand how they can use a growth mindset to become capable of anything they set out to do. With simple, fun exercises that the whole family can enjoy, help your kids see the power they have once they believe in themselves.

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Learning about feelings helps develop children's ability to better understand themselves and others. This printable will help them not only understand that all feelings are valid, but also that they are all transitional, and that when you learn more about your feelings, and where you feel them in your body, you're better able to manage them when they get tricky.

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The use of self-affirmations helps with so much… including decreasing stress and rumination and increasing self-belief, optimism, confidence, determination, motivation, and more. Includes: • Tips on how to use Affirmations • Ready printed cards to cut out and use • A kit to make your own Affirmations Cards Why not see what a difference they'll make to the whole family?

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It’s cool to be kind, and these activities will teach kids just that… Learn about the different ways to show kindness, share gratitude and appreciation with one another, and take on a 3-day kindness challenge.

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Great for mealtimes, this cut-out conversations die can be used over and over for hours of fun. We've included a template so you can make your own one too!

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This print-at-home active board game has playing cards across three categories. It will have the whole family thinking, laughing, and exercising as they work their way around the board.

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"Our family loves using the conversations cards when we go on walks. It gets us talking about all sorts!"

— RZ, mum of 2

"I love these cards, I can use them to choose what I want to focus on about myself each day."

— Amira, aged 8

"I love how bright this journal is, the activities are really good and I am learning so much about myself. "

— Emily, Year 6

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