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Our products promote happiness, self-confidence, optimism and gratitude for children.

Journals and Guides

The Happy Confident Me Journals are designed specifically to help kids aged 6-12 achieve greater levels of happiness and build their self-confidence. Using our journals daily for just ten weeks leads to greater emotional intelligence and more positive thinking, which results in increased happiness and confidence.

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Educational Games

Our eduplay games collection is growing in line with all the positive feedback we're receiving from the families, schools, and therapists using these science-based educational games. FEELIT! is an educational card game for the whole family that helps kids (and parents!) better identify, articulate and express their feelings. Our new Happy Confident Affirmations Cards help children develop positive thinking, self-esteem and confidence.

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Online Courses

Our family online courses will help your children thrive emotionally and academically by developing their emotional intelligence and growth mindset. It offers an extensive toolkit to become happier and more confident while creating a common language and stronger bonds in the family.

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Activities & Games

Our activities have been designed to be fun and engaging while teaching participants valuable lessons that help towards achieving a happier, more confident life. Designed to be enjoyed by the whole family, and simple enough to be led by your children, they have easy to understand instructions, are all printable at home and help kids develop stronger emotional intelligence.

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Happy Confident Club

Exclusive content and offers

If you want to maximise on all that the Happy Confident Company has to offer, the Happy Confident Club is for you. With heaps of resources for you and your kids, we will help guide you through your journey to a happy confident family. Enjoy all of the following direct to your inbox.

  • Effective tools to help create stronger bonds in the family
  • Regular, expert-written articles on developing confidence and wellbeing
  • Highly engaging and fun family activities, to develop stronger bonds
  • Quizzes for a fun way to better understand yourselves and your family
  • Discounts on our training programmes and family outings that help develop emotional intelligence, a growth mindset and more harmony at home!

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