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Our award-winning schools program equips children aged 3-14 with the social-emotional and character skills they need to thrive. 

Our ready-to-go products and courses deliver significant results within weeks. Full guidance and materials are supplied with rigorous science-backed methodologies sitting behind engaging activities, games, and video-led lessons.

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Award-winning courses, resources tools and strategies

The Happy Confident Schools Program has been developed by educators, experts, clinicians and with the involvement of children of all ages. School Partners have reported significant improvements in the school community including:

  • Well-developed self-regulation
  • Improved student conduct
  • Decreased need for interventions
  • Reduced incident reporting
  • Improved readiness to learn and subsequent attainment
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Our Tools & Resources

Delivered through our digital hub, our partner schools enjoy our program’s modular structure. With a mixed media approach, schools can access teacher-developed, clinician-endorsed materials, all ready to go with little to no teacher training required.

  • Videos
  • Activities
  • Online courses
  • Games
  • Physical products
Why this matters...
of children have a diagnosed mental health disorder
0 %
of children with a mental health problem do not get intervention early enough
0 %
increase in teen suicide rates in the UK over the past decade
0 %

Clinician-approved, teacher-endorsed, fully flexible and classroom-ready

Each element of the program takes students on a neuroscience-based journey to enhance their self-development. Modular in approach, schools can choose between individual elements, courses, resources and tools, or embed the entire programme school-wide.

Social & Emotional Literacy

The FEELIT® Methodology develops strong social and emotional literacy in students from the early years providing children with a deep understanding of 100 nuanced feelings, delivered through ready to go, clinician-approved bite-sized lessons and activities helping them to:

  • Identify and express their feelings
  • Master the art of self-regulation
  • Develop greater compassion for themselves and others
Character Skills

Students will develop 10 essential character skills, or ‘powers’ to prepare them for life beyond the classroom. Whether working through Happy Confident Me TV – our 10 episode course – or by using the Life Skills or Super Journal, they will learn key personal development concepts, providing them with a toolkit for life. The course teaches them how to:

  • Increase awareness and acceptance of self and others
  • Become skilled in reframing negative thoughts, and learn
    the art of regulation and reflection
  • Be better equipped to take on challenges without fearing failure
Gratitude & Reflection

Building positive daily habits to improve optimism, confidence and self-esteem are all delivered through the art of daily structured journaling. With only 5 minutes of journaling a day, the benefits are proven to:

  • Increase optimism, confidence and feelings of safety
  • Increase introspection, appreciation and reflection
  • Help create a space for self-regulation and decompression
  • Identify children going through challenges that they may not find easy to voice
Mindfulness & Connection

Affirmations, conversations and meditations form the core elements of this area delivered through games, audio files, and activities. Using these tools within circle time, assembly time, tutor time or in boarding houses helps to:

  • Set positive intentions for the day
  • Increase readiness to learn
  • Reduce conflict and conduct issues

Case Studies

Easy to access, easy to follow

All of our materials are accessed via our Digital Hub. Each school partner can create an unlimited number of (staff) users making tracking progression simple. You can even share notes and learnings through the dashboard, and reach out to your Schools Happiness Manager if support is needed.

Why we do what we do

With mental health issues affecting increasing numbers of children globally, we believe that children need both social and emotional literacy and life skills to flourish and thrive. Success is only achievable through equally supporting teachers, parents and children, and we are immensely proud of the tools and resources we have developed to do just that.

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