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Our clinically-approved, modular Schools Programme suitable from Reception through to Year 8 has been made with teachers in mind. With ready to go products and courses that deliver positive results within weeks, you’re able to deliver this programme in just 10 minutes a day with minimal training.

Ready to go, no training required

Developed by teachers, our programmes can be introduced in your school seamlessly, and immediately. All the planning, resource creating and teaching notes have been expertly created for you and require little to no training at all to embed into the curriculum.

We’ve invested the time in the programme so you don’t have to, and through our online dedicated platform you will find

  • Teaching notes and instructions
  • Creative slides to share with your class
  • Activity templates that are ready to go
  • Printables and support materials
  • Lesson plans and schemes of work


With thousands of children now using our programmes and resources in schools every day, we can assure you that our programmes work.


The Happy Confident Schools Programme has been designed to deliver four core programmes, each with the strength to stand alone, yet the power to be delivered together for even greater effect.

Emotional Literacy AND SEMH

The FEELIT! Programme will help children:

  • Identify, understand and articulate almost 100 nuanced feelings
  • Understand that all feelings are valid and temporary
  • Become adept at behavioural self-assessment, reflection and regulation
  • From Early Years to age 13

Gratitude and Reflection

Our structured journal programmes help children:

  • Check in daily with their feelings
  • Positively reflect on the day, decompress and reset
  • Learn the art of gratitude and how to appreciate the good things around them
  • For ages 6 to 11
Character Skills

10-week programmes to help KS2 children to develop:

  • Self-awareness and esteem
  • Growth mindset and perseverance
  • Mindfulness and self-acceptance
  • For ages 8 to age 13




Affirmations, conversations and meditation tools to help:

  • Improve readiness to learn
  • Reduce conflict and behavioural issues
  • Create a balanced place of learning
  • For ages 4 to 13




They will learn the art of ‘reframing’ – how to identify unhelpful thoughts and unpleasant feelings, and then shift these to more positive ones. 


By learning how their brain work and having tools to better regulate their reactions, children will feel more in control of their lives. This decreases anxieties, improves behaviour and ensures they have greater readiness to learn each day.


By understanding more about themselves, their feelings and how they can develop a Growth Mindset, children will be more confident to try new things.


Whether using our FEELIT programme, our daily journals,  HCMtv, meditations, or simply our schools challenges, pupils will learn the power of interoception and how to help themselves regulate.


Our tools have been developed to each demonstrate the relationship that thoughts have on feelings, and actions. The greater the understanding that children have of this, helps them also become more compassionate.


Our ultimate objective is to help children better cope with the pressures they face. Be more self-aware and also more understanding of others. Resilience is developed when children have confidence in themselves and they become able to rise to challenges, express their feelings, and learn from their mistakes.

"Teaching wellbeing in schools can be a life or death issue."

Sir Anthony Sheldon
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of children have a diagnosed mental health disorder
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of children with mental health problems do not get intervention early enough
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increase in death by suicide among UK teens over the past decade

Why we do what we do

Mental health disorders affect a growing percentage of the population and the resultant issues for children, seen first hand in classrooms across the world. With a growing focus on literacy and numeracy, the growing problems with child social and emotional mental health is not being addressed.  Teachers, and in turn children need to be better supported in the early years to cope with the pressures they face.

Our programme has been developed to equip children with the tools they need to navigate this world, helping them enter adolescence with optimism, carrying a greater sense of self, more resilience, being kinder, more compassionate and better accepting of themselves and others.

We also have the teachers, and educators, and parents best interests at heart, providing tools and resources that require little to no training, and will give you positive results when used for just 10 minutes a day.


Do you want to increase emotional literacy and self-regulation?

The FEELIT programme provides a classroom strategy that embeds an emotionally open culture and learning environment where pupils enjoy an increased sense of responsibility and citizenship.

Children will learn essential social and emotional skills, including conflict resolution, communication, and empathy, which help them to get along with their peers and develop positive relationships.

Suitable from Reception, the programme includes

  • Ready to teach, bite-sized activities and lessons for each of the 96 feelings. 
  • Daily feeling check-in tools and suggested activities
  • Tried and tested intervention tools 
  • Teacher access via our secure digital platform.

Would your pupils benefit from time to decompress, reflect and reset?

Our structured daily journals provide a perfect pause during the day, or wind up at the end of the day. Across the thousands of children using our journals in schools each day, results have shown that children using our journals enjoy

  • Greater levels of optimism and readiness to learn
  • Space to decompress and reset
  • Increased confidence and independence among pupils

Do you want to increase your pupils self-belief, optimism, growth mindset, and compassion?

Our life skills programmes offer schools a ready-to-go, highly polished introduction to neuroscience for children from Year 4.

From the simplicity of structured daily journaling, to the application of  10 Powers for a better life, through our activities journal, to an immersive and fun deep dive into neuroscience we can tailor a programme to fit your needs.

HCMtv is our press and play antidote to teachers feeling the pressure of mounting planning. Let Emma Willis, together with children aged 6-18, and a crazy professor lighten your load and take your pupils on a 10-week journey into their brains, and bodies, to learn more about themselves and others.

Each episode is less than 10 minutes, and introduces a new life skill to the viewers, sharing how they can be embedded into daily life for a positive effect. Support activities are provided.

Take a peek at the first episode.

Would your setting benefit from therapeutic tools to engender a greater readiness to learn?

We appreciate that teaching is becoming increasingly challenging in line with the growing needs of primary-aged children in today’s world. By introducing mindfulness tools into the classroom teachers are able to instil a greater sense of calm, providing their pupils with the tools to further decompress, reflect, reset and prepare. Our Mindfulness range currently comprises:

  • Conversations Cards: 50 prompt cards to help quickly focus attention on the teacher, act as ice-breakers, or as a pause to dissipate high energies in a constructive way.
  • Affirmations Cards: 50 Affirmations that can be used to help individuals, groups (and even teachers) set positive intentions for the day.
  • Audio Meditations: Developed with a leading CBT hypnotherapist, these powerful meditations can be used to help prepare the class to learn and create a step-change in the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe in early intervention and prevention so we provide programmes, resources and tools from the Early Years to age 13. 

Purchasing our HCMtv course for use in a school or a public setting requires a license fee to be paid in addition to the course cost. The course is not yet available for schools to buy directly online and must be purchased directly from us.  Please contact us to discuss your school or setting’s needs via

Minimal! We’ve worked with teachers, therapists, counsellors and creative specialists to develop programmes and tools that are simple to use and ready to go. All teaching notes are included, no training is needed.

Absolutely! We have designed each element of the course, and all of our tools to be delivered in bite-sized chunks yet still deliver maximum impact. We know you’re busy, and we know you want to help your pupils succeed, So we’ve distilled all the best learnings, advice, and research to create powerful tools that work. And that you can easily embed into the week, either through PHSE, assemblies, literacy or break times.

We’ve worked hard to provide the best pricing for our schools. We know your budgets are tight so we simply cover our costs on all of our physical products and have created a considerate pricing structure for our digital products.

Our FEELIT Programme has been developed to be used from early years through to year 8. However, we understand that every child is unique and may require a different approach to learning. That’s why we offer the flexibility to choose units that fit the specific needs of each child, particularly those who require additional learning support. Our Daily Journal has also enjoyed great results and reviews from parents of children with ASD, anxiety issues, and mental health disorders . 

We are committed to providing inclusive and accessible resources for all students. That’s why we are currently working with a number of SEND schools to further develop our suite of materials. Our goal is to ensure that every child has access to high-quality resources that meet their individual needs.  

Once your school buys this course you will receive a username and computer generated alphanumeric password and link to our member dashboard.

From here you will be able to set up your account, and the users within your school.

You’ll be able to access all the tools via your dashboard, download the accompanying activities and also track your school/class/pupil’s progress.

Please note, the home dashboard is different from the school and settings dashboard and the use of a home dashboard within group settings is not permitted due to security.

We would recommend allowing around 1 week between each episode so that children can practice the character skill/Power that they have viewed. This is particularly relevant if you are also using the Super Journal or the Life Skills Journal as these are the perfect complement, allowing kids to better understand each character skill and to apply daily practice.

The course content is valuable even for adults! In fact, we have lots of adults who have already completed it! Only you know the children in your setting and whether the style of this course will appeal to them.

All research proves that prevention is much better than cure. Children’s wellbeing is at an all time low because kids are now exposed to many things that were inexistent a decade ago. It has become really essential to teach them the character skills that they need to better understand themselves, how their brain work, how to better relate to themselves and to other people, so that they are better prepared for this ever-complex world.

HCMtv is really unique in that it teaches children the latest science on personal development and neuroscience in a very engaging way. There are no other courses where videos build on each other the way HCMtv does to allow children to go through a journey of self-discovery and deep teachings that will allow them to become a better version of themselves and to thrive.

Absolutely, we will refund you for your HCMtv if you are not satisfied with the content of the course and feel that it has not helped your school. In order to be able to claim a refund, we will ask that you have completed the entire course, and accompanying activities and also provide feedback to help us improve our course. You have 90 days from purchase date to let us know if you’d like a refund and we will refund you whatever the reason.