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Supporting mental health and wellbeing from the early years.

10 Minutes a Day

Mental health disorders are affecting almost 20% of the population, and our children need to be better supported to cope with the pressures they face. Our whole school programme builds from Reception to Year 6, supporting the mental health and well-being of all pupils.

Opt for a whole school approach, or address your specific needs. The choice is yours, we’re totally flexible, and the tools are ready to go.

Invest only 10 minutes a day and reap the rewards

Press & Play Life Skills Lessons

Happy Confident Me TV offers schools a ready to go, highly polished press and play introduction to neuroscience for children from Year 4. Hosted by Emma Willis, together with children aged 6-18, and a crazy professor, pupils are taken on a 10-week journey into their brains, and bodies, to learn more about themselves and others.

Each episode is less than 10 minutes, and lead our Life Skills programme, introducing each skill to the audience, and sharing how they can be embedded into daily life for positive effect. Take a peek at the first episode.

The HCMtv Programme is being offered FREE to schools until January 2023. Please contact us for more information.

  • Emotional literacy from foundation age

The FEELIT programme provides a classroom strategy that embeds an emotionally open culture and learning environment where pupils enjoy an increased sense of responsibility and citizenship.
Children will learn to:
  • – explore and share feelings
  • – learn to self-regulate
  • – develop empathy and compassion
  • – better resolve conflict.

Structured daily journaling through KS2

Developed with experts, teachers, and children, our structured daily journals deliver positive behavioural change owing to the fact that the structure is based on proven CBT methods.

The daily journals are being successfully used as a 10 week programme in primary schools, introducing positive daily relfection and decompression time within the school day.

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