SEMH Support tools for practitioners

“After only a week, I’ve already started to notice a difference in the pupils using these…” FB.

Use our products and tools to help bridge the days between sessions with your clients or the children you support.

“We've been using both the daily journals and FEELIT cards in our setting for a few months and have seen a measurable and positive difference in the children. These are great resources. Thank you. ”

Explore the products and what they deliver

Children using our products will

  • – Learn to identify, understand, accept and manage their feelings.
  • – Develop self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-confidence.
  • – Focus on key life skills, such as resilience and perseverance, based on decades of scientific research.
  • – Build small positive daily habits to make an immeasurable difference on their happiness and confidence.


Our FEELIT feelings cards, games and mapping tools provide professionals with a device to help children, and adult clients to better discuss their thoughts, feelings and behaviours, gaining greater personal insight and being able to help themselves to better regulate, resolve conflict, and know and express themselves with greater clarity.

Our daily journals have been proven to help children who are meeting weekly with a therapists or counsellor to maintain a connection to the process between sessions. 

To help children develop confidence through building character skills such introspection, optimism, interoception, growth mindset, resilience, mindfulness and compassion both the Life Skills Journal, HCMtv, and the Daily Super Journal all take children aged 8+ on a journey into their brains snd bodies to explore how and why they think, feel and behave certain ways. 

Our Affirmations cards and Audio Mediatations provide powerful CBT tools to support children and adults. With 50 Affirmations in each pack, there are three types of car, I am, I choose and longer positive mantras. 

Our 10 audio meditations are each 5 minutes long, written and recorded in partnership with by Tom Fortis Meyer, author, speaker, father of four and Founder of Freemind a rapid change hypnotherapy school.

Used by therapists as a tool in between sessions

Debi John qualified teacher, parent, family therapist, and the founder of Play Healing has started using our products with some of her clients. We’re working with her, and other therapists to ensure our products meet their needs and can be used to extend the range of tools and strategies already in place. Take a look at what she says about our Happy Confident Me Life Skills Journal.

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