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We need great partners to help us achieve our mission


We are passionate about bringing more happiness and confidence to children and families and we cannot do this alone.

We partner with schools, Parent Teachers’ Associations, charities, and many other organisations to fulfill our mission to help more families. We do this by creating win/win partnerships.

See below for some of our current partnerships, and if you’d like to join us too, simply email us today to get started.


Our vision is to make the world a better place, filled with happier, more confident kids. Working with parents, teachers, organisations and schools is key to realising our vision, and we are primed to support and help as many people as we can, through providing a WIN WIN deal.

Not only do we offer schools trade prices when buying our products in bulk, but we also can help your fundraising efforts. The deal is simple…

  • We will give your community 15% discount across any of our products
  • We will give your school 15% of the profit from those sales back to your fundraising pot

So, if 100 parents from your school each bought a Happy Confident Me Super Journal, it would net you around £250 back to the school. It’s that easy.

Partner with us today, and together we can make our kids happier and more confident.


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