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We need great partners to help us achieve our mission


We are passionate about bringing more happiness and confidence to children and families and we cannot do this alone.

We partner with schools charities, PTAs, therapists, agencies, and many other organisations to fulfill our mission to help more families. We do this by creating win/win partnerships.

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Working with parents, teachers, organisations, and schools helps us to support and help as many children and families as we can, through providing a WIN WIN deal.

  • Up to 50% off for bulk sales
  • 15% discount across our website for your community
  • 15% of the profit from those sales back to your fundraising pot

Partner with us today, and together we can make our kids happier and more confident.

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There are an estimated 99,000 children living with a life-limiting illness, and around 720,000 other people impacted by caring for a child with a short life in the UK. Families with seriously ill children are pushed to their limits. Caring for a child with serious health needs can be exhausting – and often the challenges families face are little understood. At the same time, children’s hospices are being pushed to their limits too – the number of children needing their care is increasing and there is a shortage of specialist doctors and nurses.

All this is happening against the backdrop of an economic downturn and the long-term financial effects of the pandemic. Children’s hospices receive only a fraction of the funding that they need from local authorities, and fundraising has been hugely impacted by national lockdowns . This summer, we’re proudly partnering with Together for Short Lives, raising vital funds on behalf of the 54 children’s hospices across the UK. Every penny helps, please do donate to this much-underfunded cause. By supporting Together for Short Lives, you can help make sure that children with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions and their families have the best quality of life and quality of end-of-life care. Your support could help make a crucial difference in your local area and across the UK.

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