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Our Story

Nadim Saad


Parenting Coach and the author of seven books including the highly acclaimed Kids Don’t Come With a Manual, Nadim has worked with experienced therapists and teachers, drawing from the latest research in child psychology and neuroscience to develop a programme that's already changed the lives of thousands of families with children.


Jo Chadwick

Head of Marketing

Jo brings over 25 years of experience working for global marketing agencies looking after some of the world’s biggest brands from companies such as P&G, Nestle, Unilever and Johnson&Johnson. Jo has joined the Happy Confident Company to help drive the brand forwards leading the creative, brand and activation strategies.


Annabel Rosenhead

Resident Psychotherapist

Experienced Psychotherapist and Coach of 20 years, Annabel's career has centered on promoting the emotional and mental health of adults, teenagers and children. As well as her significant role here, this includes lead roles within the public & private sectors, in institutions such as the charity Place2Be, as well as in her own longstanding practice.


Our Purpose

We exist to improve the happiness and confidence of children and families all over the world, believing that emotional intelligence and life skills such as self-belief and resilience are first developed at home. The tools we create are all designed to help children better understand and articulate themselves and their feelings. Through using our products, services, and resources, families can develop their skills together, creating stronger, deeper, and happier connections.

Founder's Story

One day, my 8-year-old daughter told me “I hate myself”. This left me feeling really troubled. I’d noticed she didn’t look as happy and seemed more sensitive than usual, and she was sometimes being ‘mean’ to her sisters, but her strong statement came as a shock. I had a meaningful conversation with her and it turned out that she was feeling this way for two key reasons.

Meet The Happy Confident Bee

The Happy Confident Bee is a character we have developed to help teach children the ten key life lessons that lead to a happier, more confident life. We chose the bee as a universal symbol of happiness, ageless, and innocent.

The bees life is one filled with great meaning, and we hope that kids are inspired to live by the same values.

Bees work together as a community, each fulfilling their own role in making their world a better place. They each have a role to play in the success of the hive. As children do in their family units, their classrooms and among friends. We want children to see their value, to know that they count, and are important.

Bees are super focussed. They concentrate on what matters most. The sweet stuff in life! Our ten key lessons will help children focus on a sweeter life too.

The action of spreading pollen to make flowers grow is a strong analogy for children, helping them understand the positive effect of spreading positivity, happiness, kindness, and empathy.

Hundreds of 5* Reviews

"Aisling is really enjoying the sessions, has been talking loads about what you are doing and was explaining to me the relationship between emotions and memories! We did a family appreciation at the weekend which was fun and even gruff little brother opened up and had some really sweet contributions."

Course Review: Noreen H - Mother to 9 year old daughter

"We are really impressed by the response we have received from Benjamin and the platform that these exercises have brought us as a family."

Course Review: Angela B - Mother of 10 year old boy

"I found this book straight to the point , with great tips and with a clear message. I highly recommend to all parents to take the time to read this book"

Book Review: Ray Noppe - Raising Confident Kids

"My daughter (aged 10) is loving this journal so much! She wakes up and the first thing she wants to do is write in it. The book is beautifully presented... colourful and engaging and to be honest thought provoking even for adults. This is more than just a journal where you write your thoughts.....it’s confidence boosting and overall a refreshing approach to encourage mindfulness and self awareness. Love it... and will definitely purchase for gifts!"

Super Journal Review: Kay G - Mother to 10 year old daughter

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