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FEELIT! Teaching Pack

Strong connections between kids and caregivers are the key to happiness and confidence in children. The tools and programmes we create are developed to support the learning of essential life skills.
This teaching pack has been developed alongside our recently launched FEELIT! educational card game.
Pack comprises:
An introduction to FEELIT!, the science that sits behind it, and some of the many activities that can be created.
Separated out slides containing each of the quadrants of feelings.

All of the feelings have been categorised and colour coded. This help children navigate through and better understand the types of feelings, based on both energy and pleasantness levels (see diagram) This categorisation is aligned with RULER, which is currently rolling out across a number of UK schools.

50 feelings, split across the 4 categories.
Three slides for each feeling:
Slide 1: hand drawn feeling, conveying emotion in the illustration style
Slide 2: Definition of the feeling, written in collaboration between parenting experts, parents, psychotherapists, teachers and kids.
Slide 3: Image of the card with word and definition together.

Ideas for use:
Using the words only as print outs, play a charades style game where the children act out the feelings for the rest of the class to guess.

Using the definitions only the children need to guess the emotion.

Using the words only as print outs, try and encourage the children to write about the selected feeling around the word. When they might feel it, examples of when they see other people feeling that way. They can consider where they feel it in their body, ie fists, head, feet, tummy.

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