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Helping Children Thrive

We want to create a future where all children are resilient, have self-belief, are emotionally articulate, and understand and value themselves. After many years of parenting and education research, we have developed fun and engaging product that equip children to better understand, express and believe in themselves. They will:

  • Learn to identify, understand, accept, and regulate their feelings
  • Develop self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-confidence
  • Focus on key life skills, based on decades of scientific research
  • Develop small positive daily habits that make an immeasurable difference
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Our Vision

We exist to improve the happiness and confidence of children and families all over the world, believing that emotional intelligence and life skills such as self-belief and resilience are first developed at home. The tools we create are all designed to help children better understand and articulate themselves and their feelings. Through using our products, services, and resources, families can develop their skills together, creating stronger, deeper, and happier connections.

The 10 Powers...

Positive thinking
Managing feelings
Growth Mindset
Learning from mistakes
Bouncing back
Lateral thinking
Being present
Kindness & empathy

Supporting Educators & Therapists

With mental health issues on the rise in classrooms around the country and 70% of these not being diagnosed early enough, all our products and tools have been adapted to help others to teach primary aged children the essential life skills needed to help them thrive, be happy and confident, and live their best lives.

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Our Products

Our products and tools – journals, educational games, courses and activities – are designed to develop stronger family bonds. Children will learn and adopt essential life skills and be motivated to engage more with their parents.

Thousands of 5-star Reviews

"Who knew that using a daily journal could be so fun, I'm definitely happier and more confident..."

— Madison, aged 8

"I love these cards, they make me feel positive about every day."

— Amira, aged 7

"These cards are so fun, we've played with them for an hour!"

— Ario, aged 10

"I've been using it for a week and I already feel 2 time happier and much more confident."

— Little Miss C, age 9

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Ask questions that will encourage your child to open up and share their feelings

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