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The kids are all heading back to school next week for those of us in England, and everyone is beginning to prepare for the transition into what’s left of the Easter term, a summer of unknown but freer times, and we’re focussing our attention on helping families in our online Facebook Community to focus forward, support one another and keep us posted on the type of support we can provide. Do make sure you join the group to get the inside track on resources, news and for support from us, our expert partners and also one another. Sign up to our newsletter for all articles and expert tips straight to your inbox. And please, don’t forget, we are in this together, check out our top tips for transition here

Returning Soon: 5 Day Family Wellbeing Challenge

  • 5 days, 5 family challenges, 5 kids challenges
  • Daily inspirational quotes to set the scene for the theme
  • Daily affirmations to help the family set positive intentions for the day's activity
  • Daily kids journaling to aid absorption of the theme and positive reflection
  • A family conversation topic and tips to stimulate communication and discussion
  • Optional daily activity for the family, supporting the theme and creating fun, shared moments

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Our Happy Confident Games & Activities provide kids and families with engaging and fun ways to practice key life skills that promote happiness, confidence and stronger bonds. With FREE activities coming soon for our Members, you'll receive these direct to your inbox. Make sure you sign up NOW.

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We believe that ALL children need to be taught the key life skills promoted in our journals, courses, and books, and understand that not all families are able to access our resources. For that reason, we work with charities, schools, and groups to help support children in underprivileged families by providing access to our journals. We have a number of initiatives with charity partners and regularly donate journals.

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