We want to create a future where all children are resilient, have self-belief, are emotionally articulate, and understand and value themselves. After many years of parenting and education research, we bring you fun and engaging product that equip children to better understand, express and believe in themselves.

Why we do what we do

We work to improve the happiness and confidence of children and families worldwide, believing that emotional intelligence and life skills such as self-belief and resilience are first developed at home.

The tools we create are designed to help children better understand and articulate themselves and their feelings. Through using our products, services, and resources, families can develop these skills together, creating stronger, deeper, and happier connections.

Mental health disorders are affecting almost 20% of the population, and our children need to be better supported in the early years to cope with the pressures they are facing.

Why this matters...
0 %
of children have a diagnosed mental health disorder
0 %
of children with a mental health problem do not get intervention early enough
0 %
increase in teen suicide rates in the UK over the past decade


The Happy Confident Schools Programme has been designed to deliver four core programmes, each with the strength to stand alone, yet the power to be delivered together for even greater effect.

Emotional Literacy AND SEMH

The FEELIT! Programme will help children:

  • Identify, understand and articulate almost 100 nuanced feelings
  • Understand that all feelings are valid and temporary
  • Become adept at behavioural self-assessment, reflection and regulation
  • From Early Years to age 13

Gratitude and Reflection

Our structured journal programmes help children:

  • Check in daily with their feelings
  • Positively reflect on the day, decompress and reset
  • Learn the art of gratitude and how to appreciate the good things around them
  • For ages 6 to 11
Character Skills

10-week programmes to help KS2 children to develop:

  • Self-awareness and esteem
  • Growth mindset and perseverance
  • Mindfulness and self-acceptance
  • For ages 8 to age 13




Affirmations, conversations and meditation tools to help:

  • Improve readiness to learn
  • Reduce conflict and behavioural issues
  • Create a balanced place of learning
  • For ages 4 to 13


“Who knew that using a daily journal could be so fun, I’m definitely happier and more confident.”
Madison, Age 8

Explore the products and what they deliver

Developed with experts, parents, teachers and children, our products and tools teach children the skills that will help them to:

  • – Identify, understand, accept, and regulate their feelings.
  • – Enjoy self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-confidence.
  • – Focus on and value the key life skills that will help them thrive.
  • – Build positive daily habits that make an immeasurable difference.


We know that 10 minutes a day dedicated to mental health and wellbeing is all it takes to make an immeasurable difference to the lives of children. Join our movement and sign up to help us petition the government to make statutory change and provide this support in schools from the early years.