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“After only a week, I’ve already started to notice a difference in the pupils using these…” FB.

Focusing on the 10 essential life skills needed to help children thrive, be happy and confident, and live their best lives and based on decades of scientific research, children using our products will;

  • learn to identify, understand, accept and manage their feelings
  • develop self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-confidence
  • focus on key life skills, such as resilience and perseverance, based on decades of scientific research
  • develop small positive daily habits that make an immeasurable difference

Recent testimonials

"I dread to think what might happen to children if they don't learn these skills...everyone in the country should be sent one of these journals."

— Stephen Dixon, Sky News

"I have already started to notice a difference in the way children are able to articulate their feelings just down the corridors! So I am certain the overall impact will be huge!"

— Ms B, Headteacher, Infinity Academy

"These journals will help you learn how to live your best life, aiming to make you feel happier and more confident. This is a fun way to help you look after yourself. "

— Book of the Week x 2, The Week Junior

"The bright colours, font style, and definitions on the FEELIT! cards help my SEND students understand whether each emotion is one they like or not, and the suggestions for how to use went down well with my group. "

— SEND Teacher

"These journals really helped our year 6s when heading towards transition to secondary, helpng them feel that they were close and in our hearts and minds."

— S. Schaeffer, Transition lead SPCS during CV19

"All of the products you produce are so helpful for early KS3 students, especially those who are struggling emotionally. The quality is amazing."

— Deputy Head, St Andrews

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50 feelings cards with child-friendly, therapist-approved definitions

Suitable from use from EYFS through to KS2, and throughout SEN settings, this tool helps children develop the ability to

  • Understand, articulate, and identify feelings
  • Learn that all feelings are valid
  • Understand that feelings are transitional
  • Recognise that their feelings affect their behaviours
  • Learn that they have the power to shift unpleasant feelings and transform, or regulate them when they choose.
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A 10-week SEMH programme 

Take children on a journey of self-discovery and increased awareness covering the ten critical life skills to develop a strong SEL platform

Self Awareness • Positive Thinking • Feelings • Growth Mindset • Resilence • Perseverance • Boosting your Confidence •  Kindness & Empathy • Mindfulness • Self Acceptance 

Each new theme is introduced with child-friendly, fun, engaging and colourful, explanations that draw on everyday life and simple analogies. This is followed up with an individual activity to practice that skill and another to be done in a group or at home.

For the remainder of the week (6 days) they will use the journaling pages for 5 minutes daily, assessing their feelings of the day, reflecting on 3 good things, and answering two simple questions designed to help them draw on positives.

Guidance notes accompany each skill.

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Build stronger communications skills, empathy, and compassion in the classroom

Explore 5 SEMH related topics with this engaging and interactive tool suitable for all ages. Use in EYFS and KS1 as adult-led activity, and as a group activity for KS2 and above. Also ideal for 1:1, therapy, and breakout groups.

The conversations cards are split across 5 colour-coded topics:

Planning & Goals • Feelings & Emotions • Creative Thinking • Gratitude  • Community spirit

Please note: This is currently only available in digital/download format but includes cutouts to create the cards if required.

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School Happiness Challenge

5 days of Self Expression to drive better connections and stronger mental wellbeing

A complete 5-day challenge suitable for all ages, in school, groups, or for use at home. Cover a different SEMH-based topic each day:

  1. Self-Awareness
  2. Positive Thinking
  3. Growth Mindset
  4. Kindness & Empathy
  5. Managing Feelings

Supplied as one document containing all daily downloads. Pack includes:

Daily themed affirmations • Daily themed journaling pages • 2 activities

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Debi John qualified teacher, parent, family therapist, and the founder of Play Healing has started using our products with some of her clients. We’re working with her, and other therapists to ensure our products meet their needs and can be used to extend the range of tools and strategies already in place. Take a look at what she says about our Happy Confident Me Life Skills Journal.


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