5 common mistakes that affect children’s self-esteem

5 Common Parenting Mistakes That Affect Children's Self Esteem

Every parent wants to boost their children’s self-esteem and confidence. However, the latest research shows that some of the things that parents do with the best of intentions can actually be detrimental to a child’s self-esteem, particularly because our actions can make children doubt our sincerity and cause them to become afraid of failure. Here […]

6 ways to praise your child to boost their confidence & self-esteem

Learn 6 ways to praise your child to boost their confidence & self-esteem

In the second half of the 20th century, boosting children’s self-esteem started becoming an important aspect of parenting and lavishing children with praise was considered to be the most effective way of achieving this. This thinking endures today, with 85 percent of American parents believing that their children need to hear that they are clever […]

Raising your child’s self-esteem without making them spoilt and entitled

Learn how to raise your child’s self-esteem without making them spoilt and entitled

The digital revolution has brought many advantages, but it has also had some less desired effects—especially for children. For a great many children, their lives are dominated by social media and many spend their spare time competing with friends over who can post the perfect ‘selfie’. Some psychologists argue that the implications of this are […]

Intrinsic motivation – The key to raising confident kids who love to learn


As parents, we want our children to be happy and successful in life, so from an early age we do what we can to help nurture their eagerness to learn. We want our children to be able to take on new challenges with confidence and to understand the true value of persistence, self-discipline and hard […]

Helping kids and families who need it the most

When setting up the Happy Confident Company, our mission was clear. We want to create a future where children are resilient, have self belief, are emotionally articulate and understand and value themselves. Everything that we do, the courses we run, the products we develop and the partnerships we make are planned with this goal in […]

Confidence and Self-esteem – are they the same thing?

Kids Confidence Vs Kids Self Esteem. Are they the same?

As parents, we all want to raise confident children who thrive.  Yet for decades, parenting experts had it all wrong as they believed that confidence and self-esteem could be boosted by praising children with words such as ‘You’re smart’ and ‘Well done’.  Extensive research done in the last decade shows that this can be detrimental […]

Growth Mindset vs Fixed mindset – what is the difference?


Recent research has made significant discoveries in the understanding of what makes children want to take on challenges and why they can become afraid of making mistakes. And consequently, the effect this can have on their confidence, self-esteem and level of resilience. For ten years, psychologist Carol Dweck and her team at Columbia and Stanford […]