How to reset for respect

Have you ever thought about how things seem when you watch yourself, and your child from another perspective? Take a moment to think about the last time you felt your child was behaving inappropriately. You may have lectured them, or even shouted at them. Indeed when we reach this point and are exasperated, and trying […]

How to get your kids to open up…

Ask questions that will encourage your child to open up and share their feelings When a friend, colleague, or loved one asks “How was your day?” how do you usually respond? The likelihood is that you answer with a simple “Oh, it was fine” or some other similarly unforthcoming response. There are two reasons for […]

Keeping the unknowns in check

Parenting watch-outs now the kids are back in school. With England’s schools having opened their doors a few weeks ago after what has been a lengthy period of home learning, many kids have already settled back into the old/new routine while others are still not quite there yet. Either way, there are always ways that […]

Top strategies for back to school transition

Traditionally back to school can be, for some children, a source of worry and anxiety and as parents we’re always seeking out the best strategies to help. Right now, we have a few weeks to guide all of our children through the transition from lockdown learning back to school. So what can we do to […]

Increase your positivity and motivation


The Power of Positive Affirmations and Intentions While scientists once thought the brain stopped developing in childhood, research has proven that the brain can form new neural pathways and create neurons even in adulthood. We already know that eating well, and exercising can help release feel-good hormones, and the same applies to meditation and affirmations. By […]

Finding balance and strength in 2021

Finding Emotional Balance in 2021

With 2021 starting off on a very rocky and uncertain path, Nadim Saad, founder of The Happy Confident Company, parenting expert, and father of three girls, recommends the five skills that will help us navigate the stormy waters and find strength, happiness, and balance. 1. Bring out your inner child The adage that the world […]

Listen and you might hear

Listen To Your Child And You Might Hear

Reading between the lines of your children’s new years’ resolutions can actually tell you so much more than your child will ever do. So, even if you have a child that doesn’t ‘open up’, it’s time for parents to listen up and see how we can help them more in 2021. Our Head of Brand, […]

7 daily habits for a happier family life

Learn 7 Daily Habits For A Happier Family Life

Research shows that our habits create our reality. The easiest and most effective way to make positive change is to make small daily changes. Over time, these little changes accumulate, and result in considerable change over time. We’ve identified seven positive habits – all based on renowned psychological principals and research – to help the […]

Helping kids and families who need it the most

When setting up the Happy Confident Company, our mission was clear. We want to create a future where children are resilient, have self belief, are emotionally articulate and understand and value themselves. Everything that we do, the courses we run, the products we develop and the partnerships we make are planned with this goal in […]