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Join the movement.

Join us to improve the happiness and confidence of children all over the world.
We believe that emotional intelligence and life skills such as self-belief, resilience and compassion are essential to help children thrive, and they need to be taught both in schools and at home.


10 Minutes Matter

Mental health disorders are affecting almost 20% of the population, and our children need to be better supported in the early years to cope with the pressures they are facing.

By investing in just 10 minutes a day from the early years to equip children with the tools they need to navigate this world, we will help them enter adolescence with optimism, carrying a greater sense of self, more resilience, be kinder and more compassionate and better accept themselves and others.

It’s time for change. Join the Happy Confident Movement today and join over 120k people committed to improving their children’s future.

Why this matters...
of children have a diagnosed mental health disorder
0 %
of children with a mental health problem do not get intervention early enough
0 %
increase in teen suicide rates in the UK over the past decade
0 %
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Why we do what we do


Join Emma Willis, primary and secondary school children and a crazy professor for a 10-week journey inside the brain. Learn a new life skill each week through 8-minute videos which include examples and testimonials from children, some awesome facts, and all the neuroscience and tools kids need to be better prepared to face life’s challenges.

The 10 programmes should be used in conjunction with the Daily Super Journal, or Life Skills Journal, to help children learn how to apply these skills to their daily lives.

“Who knew that using a daily journal could be so fun, I’m definitely happier and more confident."
Madison, Age 8

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Meet Nadim Saad

Parenting Coach, father of three, and the author of seven books including the highly acclaimed Kids Don’t Come With a Manual, Nadim has worked with renowned therapists and teachers, drawing from the latest research in child psychology and neuroscience to develop a programme that’s already changed the lives of tens of thousands of families with children.

Meet Jo Chadwick

Jo brings over 25 years of experience working for global marketing agencies looking after some of the world’s biggest brands from companies such as P&G, Nestle, Unilever and Johnson&Johnson. Jo has joined the Happy Confident Company to help drive the brand forwards leading the creative, brand and activation strategies. All  that and a mum to three lively boys!

The Community

The Happy Confident Movement is a growing group of over 50K parents, teachers, experts, schools, children, and organisations who all share the same vision. A world where every child knows loves and accepts themself, fully. Their strengths are for sharing, and their weakness fantastic challenges to rise to with optimism. We’d love you to join us…

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