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Helping children and families thrive by developing their emotional intelligence and their confidence

As parents, educators and therapists who have spent many years doing research on parenting and education, we believe that:

  • A strong connection between parent and child is the key to happiness and confidence in children.
  • Children need to learn psychosocial skills such as emotional intelligence, resilience, and self-confidence. These account for 75% of achievement and success, against only 25% attributed to IQ.
  • Daily habits create our reality. Making small daily changes will result in considerable change over time.
  • Reflecting on the positives at the end of each day increases optimism and happiness. Daily journaling is key to structured reflection.

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What we do

Our products and tools – journals, educational games, courses and activities – are designed to develop stronger family bonds. Children will learn and adopt essential life skills and be motivated to engage more with their parents.


With just 5 minutes journaling each day, your child will develop key life skills such as positive thinking, resilience and perseverance to develop a growth mindset and become happier and more confident.


Educational Games

Our educational games and activities benefit the whole family. With card-based games, and printable activities and worksheets, all of our resources help to build life skills starting with self-understanding to build esteem and self-acceptance.



Our online Growth Mindset course comprises six bite-sized episodes, designed for parents and children to learn and develop together.


Hundreds of 5* Reviews

"Who knew that using a daily journal could be so fun, I'm definitely happier and more confident..."

Maddie's Magical Life

"My 9 year old son finds it very hard to talk about his emotions. Five days into journaling and I'm already beginning to see him express his emotions. It's a revelation and I hope as we continue it will give him greater confidence and reassurance in expressing himself. Highly recommended."

Ashley P - Dad of 9 year old boy

"The Journal has been a really good tool for helping Faith with her emotions and opening up discussions. With all that's going on in the world at the moment, this journal couldn't have come at a better time."

Claire Rocks: This_Mama_Rocks Blog

"This book is very well thought out and incredibly well researched. While I used it for my 9 year old, many of exercises and the overall message could be used for the whole family. It’s been very beneficial to a child who struggles with confidence. A real gem. Thank you!"

Amazon Review - Mother of a 9 year old

"The book is beautifully presented... colourful and engaging and to be honest thought provoking even for adults. This is more than just a journal where you write your thoughts.....it’s confidence boosting and overall a refreshing approach to encourage mindfulness and self awareness. Love it."

Kay G - Mother of 10 and 12 year old girls

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There are an estimated 99,000 children living with a life-limiting illness, and around 720,000 other people impacted by caring for a child with a short life in the UK. Families with seriously ill children are pushed to their limits. Caring for a child with serious health needs can be exhausting – and often the challenges families face are little understood. At the same time, children’s hospices are being pushed to their limits too – the number of children needing their care is increasing and there is a shortage of specialist doctors and nurses.

All this is happening against the backdrop of an economic downturn and the long-term financial effects of the pandemic. Children’s hospices receive only a fraction of the funding that they need from local authorities, and fundraising has been hugely impacted by national lockdowns . This summer, we’re proudly partnering with Together for Short Lives, raising vital funds on behalf of the 54 children’s hospices across the UK. Every penny helps, please do donate to this much-underfunded cause. By supporting Together for Short Lives, you can help make sure that children with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions and their families have the best quality of life and quality of end-of-life care. Your support could help make a crucial difference in your local area and across the UK.

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